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Enamelled copper & brass gourd


Jean Caldow is best known for her sublime sculptural lighting, stunning decorator pieces and statement artwork.

Having grown up in the bush, Jean has a strong connection to nature. She has studied five degrees, including a MFA in Design. Ever since she was old enough to hold a hand tool, Jean was put to work, helping her father renovate homes. She has since renovated numerous homes, doing much of the work herself. It made sense then that when unable to find fixtures, decorator pieces and one-of-a-kind lighting to her liking, Jean took to making her own. She now enjoys working in the sweet spot between art, design, sustainability and quirky elegance.

Drawing from the beauty found in nature and the interconnectedness of life, Jean crafts distinctive, multi-dimensional pieces that transform space, stir the imagination, and spark joy in the viewer.

For questions, comments, or to say hello, please contact Jean.